University of Michigan Staff Impact Awards

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The Staff Impact Awards celebrate those who champion volunteerism and service within the university — going above and beyond by taking on additional challenges. It honors staff who are wall-breakers and bridge-builders — people who find ways to collaborate across units and find solutions to make the workplace better for us all. It seeks to recognize staff, supervisors and teams that make an impact with their work, locally and beyond. And it celebrates the innovative, as well as those who support flexibility in the workplace. The awards were developed from recommendations of a Voices of the Staff committee, and created as part of the university’s bicentennial celebration, in order to recognize the value of staff who do exemplary work and build positive culture.  

New! One Nomination Process for Two Award Programs; Workplace Flexibility Criteria Added

The President’s Staff Innovation Award Program is now a part of the Staff Impact Awards. This means there is a single nomination process for staff and teams to be eligible for Staff Impact Awards and presidential recognition, now called the President’s Staff Award of Distinction. Individual and team winners of the presidential award will be selected from nominations that best exhibit meeting criterion 5: "Outside the cube” innovations in process, product, method or systems.

Additionally, this year there is a new criterion recognizing those who work to support workplace flexibility as a way to build a positive work culture. 

Honoring individuals, supervisors, and work teams

The annual Staff Impact Awards will honor individual staff members, supervisors and work teams. 


Regular staff from all university campuses and Michigan Medicine are eligible.

Award amounts

As many as fifteen (15) awards will be presented each year. Additionally, the “President’s Staff Award of Distinction” will be presented to one individual and one team who rise to the top among the Staff Impact Award finalists, with an emphasis on the innovation criterion.

Individual and supervisor award recipients will receive $1,500. Team awards recipients will receive $2,500. The individual and team recipients of the President’s Staff Award of Distinction will receive an additional $500, for a total of $2,000 for the individual award and a total of $3,000 for the team award.