Get Help With Your Complex Retirement Questions

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You’ve attended the Planning for Retirement class, learned about Social Security and Medicare, and met with TIAA or Fidelity to set up a plan for your income in retirement. You’ve gone through the retirement checklist and let your department know about your planned retirement date. But if you have one or two remaining questions about your personal circumstances, a conversation with a benefits counselor might help.

Register for an Individual Session

Short Q&A consultations with the Benefits Office are now available to assist faculty and staff with complex retirement questions. To qualify for this service, you must meet the following criteria.

  1. You have already attended the Planning for Retirement class offered by the Benefits Office.

  2. You are within 6 months of retirement.

  3. You have notified your department of your intent to retire and planned retirement date.

Topics you wish to discuss should be limited to issues regarding the retirement process from the University of Michigan, including any questions about your benefit options, eligibility, costs, dependents and basic Medicare enrollment information.

View available dates and register now.

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