Screening and Selecting the Right Candidate

Your screening process is a critical piece of the diversity recruitment process. Effective screening requires the cooperation of every member of the hiring/selection team so that candidates are not  measured against outdated criteria. The process should be designed to include and not exclude candidates.Think about how each candidate will enhance diversity in the work environment while focusing on the key qualifications outlined in the job posting. This helps ensure that the right candidate is selected.

During the selection stage, hiring managers should consider approaching the recruitment process as a two-way communication.

Questions the hiring manager should be prepared to answer:

  • What makes this job attractive to minorities and women?
  • Do you offer referral bonuses for hard-to-recruit positions or multiple positions?
  • Is the U-M a large, diverse place where a career can be built?
  • Is it a team environment?
  • Are there opportunities to offer input on how best to do the job?

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