Towsley Children's House Menu

Sample Menu

Day Morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack
Monday Whole grain cereal, milk Turkey chipotle on foccacia or veggie ciabatta, green beans, fresh strawberries Wheat thins, apples
Tuesday Whole grain cereal, milk Cheese stuffed shells with meat or marinara sauce, fresh steamed broccoli, breadsticks, watermelon Pears, string cheese
Wednesday Yogurt, blueberries Grilled chicken breast or tofu with sauce, brown rice, pea pods, fresh fruit Bagels, cream cheese
Thursday Whole grain cereal, milk Macaroni and cheese or bowtie pasta with marinara, green beans, fresh fruit Raisin bread, bananas
Friday Whole grain cereal, milk Chicken pasta primavera or vegan pasta, fresh fruit English muffins, soy butter

Our actual menu with nutritional information is available on the MDining website. Be sure to click on "Towsley" in the left column to see our meals. 

In addition to the main menu items and the fruit and vegetables listed, water, soy milk and 1% milk are served with lunch and water with snacks. Each meal is served "family style" with teachers and children seated together at small table groupings. Parents are always invited to join us for lunch. Please sign up in advance, as space is limited. We are a nut-restricted center, we do not serve or allow any nut products into our center due to life-threatening allergies. Our lunch menu meets guidelines depicted by both the State of Michigan Licensing Requirements as well as the National Association for the Education of Young Children.