Paying for Benefits in Retirement

If your retirement eligibility or benefits choices require you to pay a monthly premium, there are two ways for you to pay: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), or by personal check or money order.

Electronic Funds Transfer

You can have your monthly retiree benefits premiums automatically deducted from your checking or savings account each month by setting up electronic funds transfer (EFT). The withdrawal will occur on the 20th of each month to pay for coverage for the following month. The withdrawal will be indicated on your bank statement and labeled as “UM Benefit Premium.” There is no charge for this service; however, your financial institution may impose a fee if there are insufficient funds in your account when the withdrawal is made.

Complete the Agreement for Preauthorized Benefit Premium Payments form to set up the Electronic Funds Transfer and return it to the Payroll Office. If the funds are to be taken from a checking account, write “void” across a blank check and attach it to your form. If you have questions about how to complete this form, call the SSC Contact Center at (734) 615-2000 or (866) 647-7657 toll free.

Please note: Requests to start or cancel the Electronic Funds Transfer, or to change the account or financial institution from which the withdrawal is taken, must be received by the Payroll Office no later than the 10th day of the month in order to take effect that same calendar month. Electronic withdrawals pay for coverage for the following month. If you cannot meet the 10th deadline, you should send a check or money order by the first of the month to pay premiums for that month.

Personal Check or Money Order

You will receive a monthly billing statement if you have a co-premium to contribute and you do not arrange for Electronic Funds Transfer. You must pay the premium by personal check or money order; cash payments cannot be accepted.

  1. You will receive a billing statement and remittance envelope in the mail at the end of the month to pay for the following month’s coverage.  For example, your January billing statement should arrive at the end of December.

  2. The payment is due by the 1st of the month to pay for coverage for that month.

  3. Make the check or money order payable to “University of Michigan.”

  4. Please write your 8-digit UMID number in the memo line on your check preceded by "UMID" (example: write "UMID XXXXXXXX" where "XXXXXXXX" is your 8-digit UMID number).

  5. Clip the coupon from the bottom of your billing statement and mail it with your check or money order in the envelope provided to the University of Michigan's lock box:

  6. University of Michigan – Payroll
    Box 223081
    Pittsburgh, PA 15251-2081

Please Note: The University of Michigan will attempt to notify you when a payment is overdue.  If after multiple attempts a payment is not received, then the coverage will be canceled.

Naming a Designee for Premium Payment

Retirees can designate someone other than themselves to handle their premium payments and receive payment information.  Other benefits correspondence, including Open Enrollment information, will continue to be sent to the retiree.

You may submit in writing the designee’s name, address, and phone number along with your name, UMID number, and a request to name the individual as a premium payment designee to:

SSC Benefits Transactions
3003 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1276

Fax: 734-763-0363