TB Exposure


To test and evaluate employees who have had an exposure to a person with active tuberculosis. Exposed employees are screened with TB skin testing at baseline and 10-12 weeks following the exposure. TB baseline test may be the annual test if this has been completed within the past 12 months or less.


  1. If a person with active tuberculosis or a suspicion of active TB was seen in the health care site, U-M Occupational Health Services should be called to report the exposure. U-M OHS will contact Infection Control Services and they will conduct an investigation regarding exposure. The off-site clinic may first hear of an exposure through Infection Control Services who monitors microbiology data for any evidence of tuberculosis.
  2. Infection Control Services will develop the list of exposed employees based on the circumstances of exposure of each healthcare worker to the infected patient.
  3. U-M Occupational Health Services will notify all employees involved in a potential TB exposure. Information about the exposure period and follow-up testing will be included.
  4. Tuberculin skin test negative employees who have not had a skin test within the past 12 months are contacted to have a baseline TB skin test done. Follow-up testing is completed 10-12 weeks after the last possible date of exposure. U-M OHS will notify employees when they are due for the follow-up skin test. Skin test screening will enable U-M OHS to determine whether any employee in our healthcare system may have been infected with Tuberculosis as a result of an occupational exposure. Post-exposure TB skin testing is mandatory.
  5. Document TB test was applied and read using the on-line TB documentation form which will be sent electronically to U-M Occupational Health Services.
  6. Tuberculin skin test positive employees are given information regarding their exposure and educated regarding the signs and symptoms of tuberculosis.
  7. Any employee who tests positive either at the baseline or at the follow-up test should be reported to U-M Occupational Health Services for follow-up.