New Employee Processing

All new employees should undergo a new employee health assessment  in U-M Occupational Health Services. This should be scheduled prior to new employee orientation MTV. Supervisors should ensure that they receive a form from the employee that verifies completion of the new employee health assessment.

  1. Call the UMHHC registration desk and tell them you are a new employee and need to register.

    • All local calls dial (734) 936-4990
    • Long distance calls dial toll free number at (866) 452-9896

Once you have completed your registration, you are now ready to schedule an appointment for a New Employee Health Assessment.  

  1. Appointments for new employee health assessments can be made by calling U-M OHS at (734) 764-8021 during our regular business hours, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. We will make every attempt to schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for you. The visit will take approximately 30 minutes depending upon the requirements for the position.U-M OHS provides health assessments for employees hired into the Hospitals and Health Centers. These health assessments are a mandatory part of the hiring process and should be completed prior to your first day of orientation. At the visit, your immunization status and other relevant health information will be assessed, you will receive a tuberculosis skin test, your vision may be tested (color vision screening), and you will be assessed to see if you need to be fitted with a mask for use with respiratory isolation patients. The health assessment is individualized to the specific occupational needs of your job.
  2. Bring records. Please bring records of childhood (baby book) and other immunizations (vaccines) that you have received. These can usually be obtained through your primary care physician. If you have previously worked in healthcare, you may be able to obtain these records from your employer. Bring the records with you will save the time and effort of having your blood drawn. Employees of the Hospitals and Health Centers must have proof of certain immunizations and TB skin tests. This is essential to maintaining a safe environment and complying with State and Federal regulations and accrediting organizations.

Required immunizations and testing:

TB Skin Test - Required for all new employees and volunteers unless they have a history of a positive TB skin test. New employees that will be in the annual TB testing program and have not had a TB skin test in the past 6 months will require the 2-step method of testing. If the employee has a history of positive TB skin test or if the new employee skin test is positive or questionable, he/she must report to U-M Occupational Health Services to receive an evaluation.

Measles/Mumps/Rubella - All new employees must demonstrate immunity to these diseases by serologic titer, proof of vaccination (two doses of measles), or birth date prior to 1957. If employee is not immune, MMR vaccine is required. If MMR vaccine must be administered, U-M OHS will speak with the employee to ascertain whether vaccine is contraindicated in that person.

Hepatitis B Vaccine - Immunization for Hepatitis B is available to employees and volunteers who have the potential for occupational exposure to the Hepatitis B virus. Employees with potential for exposure must either receive the vaccine, provide proof of immunity, or sign a declination statement if they do not wish to be vaccinated.

The proper method of obtaining a new employee health assessment is to schedule an appointment with U-M Occupational Health Services prior to orientation. If it is absolutely impossible for a new staff member to come to Occupational Health, please call our clinic at (734) 764-8021.