Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccination

General Information

MMR is a live attenuated virus vaccine. It should not be administered to individuals who are born with or develop deficiencies in their immune systems, for example, people with leukemia, lymphoma, generalized malignancies, transplant recipients, or people who are taking medications that affect immune function, such as cytotoxic drugs and corticosteroids.

MMR is not contraindicated for persons with HIV/AIDS. Live virus vaccines should not be administered to close household contacts of transplant recipients without the approval of the transplant recipient's physician.

U-M OHS will speak with employees whose serologic testing indicates that they should receive vaccine in order to assess whether there are any contraindications to a specific vaccine.


  1. Call the Administrative Assistant at U-M OHS to request needed vaccine. Vaccine will be sent to site after request for vaccine is received. If the employee indicates "yes" under any of the contraindications, do not administer vaccine. Instruct the employee to call U-M OHS for follow up.
  2. A consent form must be signed prior to administration. Employee is given the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS). A VIS must be given out prior to administration of the vaccine, and it must be given out each time the vaccine is given. Lot number and injection site are documented on the consent form. Pregnancy should be ruled out by history and LMP.
  3. Reconstitute vaccine with 0.5 ml of sterile diluent. Change needle after reconstituting vaccine.
  4. Administer 0.5 ml of vaccine SQ into upper outer arm with a 5/8 inch 25 gauge needle.
  5. Document administration on consent form and send to U-M Occupational Health Services.
  6. Give employee immunization card with proof of MMR vaccination.