Hepatitis B Vaccine

General Information

Vaccine is produced from a noninfectious part of the virus made by recombinant technique in yeast organisms. It is not a human blood component product. Data show that adequate response to the three-dose series provides long-term immunologic memory that gives long-term protection. Only immunocompromised persons (e.g. hemodialysis patients, HIV-positive persons) need booster doses of vaccine to maintain their anti-HBs concentrations.

Persons with decreased immunity function may need more than 3 doses to achieve immunity.

For additional information on the Hepatitis B vaccine series.


  1. Call the Administrative Assistant at U-M Occupational Health Services to request needed vaccine. Vaccine will be sent to site via courier after request for vaccine is received.
  2. Have employee sign the Hepatitis B consent form and send to U-M Occupational Health Services. Employee is given the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS). A VIS must be given out prior to administration of the vaccine, and it must be given out each time the vaccine is given.
  3. Administer 1 cc of vaccine IM in Deltoid with a 1 in. 23 gauge needle.
  4. Document that the first vaccine was given on the consent form. Document 2nd and 3rd vaccines given on an activity sheet. A consent form is not required for 2nd and 3rd vaccines. Lot number and injection site are documented on the consent form or activity sheet. Mail or fax a copy of the documentation to U-M Occupational Health Services promptly after each injection to ensure that the employee receives a reminder for the next vaccination from U-M OHS.
  5. Instruct employee to wait for 10 minutes in a waiting area to monitor for any reaction to the vaccine.
  6. Employee will receive second injection 1-2 months after the first dose.
  7. Record second dose on activity sheet and mail or fax to U-M Occupational Health Services.
  8. Employee receives the third dose 6 months to 1 year after the first dose. Record third dose on activity sheet and send to U-M OHS. When employee receives third dose, he/she should be given a ligand lab requisition marked HBSAB. Call U-M OHS at (734) 764-8021 if you need to obtain lab requisitions for your site. Instruct employee to have titers drawn one month after the third dose. Blood will be drawn in a corvac tube and sent to U-M OHS via courier.
  9. If employee is found to be non-immune after 3 injections, repeat the vaccine series and obtain a titer one month after the last injection. If the employee remains non-immune after six injections, it is assumed this person will not convert (so presumed to not be protected) and should be advised to employ strict body substance precautions and promptly report all exposures. "Non-convertor" should be listed on the activity record under the heading of hepatitis B status. Please document any additional vaccines given on activity sheet and mail or fax to U-M Occupational Health Services.