Body Substance Exposures

General Information

Body Substance Precautions (BSP) should be employed at all times when working with patients. Even with strict adherence to guidelines, exposures may occur. To report a body substance exposure, Alpha or numeric page U-M Occupational Health Services 24 hours per day at pager #5356. During U-M OHS hours the Employee Health nurse will return your page. After U-M OHS hours, the pager will be forwarded to the appropriate staff in the Emergency Department. Treatment is directed by U-M OHS and may be given at the site or at U-M OHS depending on employee and supervisor preference. Strict confidentiality should be maintained and information given on an as-needed only basis. Employee AHIV is processed through a coded specimen and does not appear with the employee's name in any recorded form.

The following procedure should be used to initiate contact with U-M OHS and for drawing blood. U-M OHS will provide evaluation, treatment and follow-up.


  1. Exposed employee pages U-M OHS immediately at beeper #5356 to report exposure and provide information. After U-M OHS hours, this beeper will be forwarded to the appropriate staff in the Emergency Department (ED). The ED will order blood on the source patient so the risk assessment is not delayed and will complete an initial assessment for HIV risk in order to determine whether postexposure prophylaxis for HIV is indicated.
  2. Prior to patient's departure, draw blood for rapid HIV and Hepatitis B antigen (HBA) and Hepatitis C antibody (AHCV). Blood should be drawn as one full Corvac tube. Complete source (patient) blood requisition with date, name of source and registration number, etc. Call U-M OHS at (734) 764-8021 if you need to obtain lab requisitions for your site.
  3. U-M Occupational Health Services will guide the exposed employee on what labs they need to have drawn. Lab work is indicated on a Ligand Assay requisition. Call U-M OHS at (734) 764-8021 if you need to obtain lab requisitions for your site. The employee should be given HIV information to read. Instructions for blood draws and follow up will be given to the employee when he/she telephones U-M OHS.
  4. Send blood via U of M Hospital courier to U-M OHS for processing.
  5. Any necessary treatment may be given at site (via instructions from U-M OHS) or at the U-M Occupational Health Services, depending on exposed employee/supervisor preference.
  6. The source patient's treating physician is responsible for informing the patient of the results of the HIV and Hepatitis studies.
  7. U-M Occupational Health Services is open Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm; we close daily from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.

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