Annual TB Screening Program for Employees at Off-site Clinics

General Information

The University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers has a mandatory Tuberculosis surveillance program which requires screening of all Tuberculin negative healthcare workers at the time of hire and annually. Follow this link to learn about Tuberculosis facts for healthcare workers  or frequently asked questions about the TB program.

Notices to report for TB screening are sent when employees are due for annual testing. Supervisors (or designated contacts from each area) are sent a list each month with the names of employees who are due for their annual TB screening.


  1. Employees who will be working with patients or working in a patient care area must complete an annual TB screening. Individuals with a history of a positive test will be exempt from the annual program. Each week U-M Occupational Health Services contacts employees via e-mail stating their annual screening is due. Employees working in remote sites will have their annual testing performed at their worksite.
  2. Contact person emails Compliance Coordinator (Daisy Demlow at U-M Occupational Health Services to request needed purified protein derivative (PPD). Pharmacy items are shipped via courier.
  3. Employees will report to on-site designated nurse for skin testing.
  4. Nurse documents TB skin test date using the on-line TB documentation form.
  5. Review the TB screening policy with each employee at the time of the skin test placement.
  6. All skin tests are performed and read according to U-M OHS protocols. Reading of the skin test must be completed by a designated nurse in 48 to 72 hours.
  7. Nurse documents results in millimeters on activity sheet or on TB documentation form.
  8. Contact person ensures that results are submitted electronically by clicking on this TB documentation link.
  9. If an employee has a positive TB skin test reaction, the nurse will refer that employee to U-M OHS for consultation. Telephone consultation may be done per employee preference. The U-M OHS nurse can then determine whether a visit to the U-M Occupational Health Services is necessary.
  10. Non-compliant notifications are sent via e-mail to inform supervisors and contact persons of employees who have not completed their TB screening.
  11. If the employee has previously been tested with QFT, the QFT should be used for annual screening in place of the TB skin test.