Required Immunizations for Health System Employees

H&HC Policy 04-06-002 (Michigan Medicine Internal Link only) mandates that employees and volunteers document proof of immunity to certain communicable diseases, including measles, rubella (German measles), mumps and varicella (chicken pox). Immunity to those diseases will be documented at the new employee health assessment. If proof of immunity is not available, blood can be drawn to assess immune status or vaccine can be given.

Periodic Immunizations

Periodic immunizations are offered free of charge to health system employees. These include influenza, diphtheria-tetanus and specific immunizations for employees who may travel internationally. Influenza immunization is offered each fall to health system and medical school employees. Employees are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity as a means of protecting themselves, their families and their patients from influenza.

Immunizations for Campus Employees

If you are a campus paid employee and you think you need immunizations, please discuss this with your manager who will get in touch with Environment, Health & Safety if immunizations are required.

Immunization Educational and Training Materials

CDC National Immunization Program Publications  

Immunization Action Coalition (pdf) - Vaccination Information for Health Care Professionals