Active U

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Move your way to well-being.

Active U is an opportunity to start the New Year doing something good for yourself. To take a walk. Stretch. Or make time to just move more. Join thousands of your U-M colleagues and friends and sign up as part of a team or on your own, set your physical activity goal, then get moving! You’ll be on your way to more energy, more strength and simply feeling good. 

Who can participate: ALL at the university, as well as U-M retirees and spouses/other qualified adults (OQA) of U-M faculty and staff

How it works:

  • Sign up starting Dec. 6 by answering a few registration questions about your current activity habits (this will help set your weekly exercise goal) and how you’d like to hear from us.
  • Once registered, decide whether to remain an individual participant or create a new a team or join an existing team. 
  • Then starting Jan. 10, 2017, begin tracking your physical activity minutes in the online tracker. Use your computer, mobile device, or sync your wearable activity tracker to free Runkeeper app. Keep tracking for 12 weeks (through April 3).
  • Every Tuesday, look for weekly emails and/or text messages full of health and exercise tips and motivation to keep moving!


Call MHealthy at (734) 647-7888 or email

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