Health Education Class Registration

Everyone needs to create an account the first time they sign up for a class through Webtrac. If you want to register for more than one person you will need to create an account for each indidvidual (please use different phone numbers). Each person needs to be registered separately. If you are trying to register for more than one person, but only one spot is available, please call MHealthy at (734) 647-7888 to see if an override is possible. If you are on a Mac, please use Firefox as your browser.

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Class Numbers

  • Baby Care Basics - 190018

Payment Options

Currently credit/debit cards and payroll deduction (for U-M employees) are accepted for payment. By selecting payroll deduction during the online registration process you are automatically approving the use of your EmpID to process a request for payroll deduction and the request will be processed immediately.  You are eligible for two deductions if the cost of your purchases is greater than $100.  If any portion of your registration is to be paid via gift certificate and/or check you must call (647) 7888 (dial all 7 digits) to register. Your registration will only be finalized when payment is received. If you pay via check or gift certificate you must present the payment in person at MHealthy located at 2060 Wolverine Tower, 3003 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109


We will refund if withdrawal is 10 days before the class, in case of loss, early birth, and other medical circumstances.

Need Help?

For additional information about the class, if you need help or have questions on our online registration process contact us at (734) 647-7888 or email us at