MHealthy Vacation and the Be Well Breaks Programs

MHealthy Vacation and the Be Well Breaks Programs are part of our Focused Partnership strategy. They are simple yet engaging programs that are popular and effective. At their core, these options are a series of tips that encourage you to get in the habit of healthy behaviors by using simple tracking games. 

Newly Updated - Be Well Breaks Is a Super Simple Online Tracking Game 

Be Well Breaks (formerly called Mini Vacations) encourages you to do simple, healthy behaviors during your work breaks in one of four categories (Connect, Calm, Move, and Nourish). 

Each week, for six weeks, you'll receive three reminder emails with tips and motivation for self-care. You'll have the opportunity to use an online form to track the number of breaks you take each day. Or you can use this simple PDF tracking form. The goal is to help prompt you to take a personal pause a couple of times every day - and the simple act of keeping track can be a big motivator. The emails will have brand new videos and other content including:

  • Examples of movements and stretches designed to help people who are Zooming all day.

  • Guided meditation and mindful videos that are super short - perfect for refreshing between tasks.

  • Healthy food suggestions

  • Weekend challenges

Take Breaks, Feel Better, Get Cool Virtual Swag

As an extra incentive, if you complete your tracking form for all 6 weeks and a post-survey, you will receive a custom Be Well Breaks completion Zoom Background and email signature graphic. 

Get Started Now

It's easy, fun, and can help you reduce stress and increase positive behaviors that simply help you feel better. To get started with Be Well Breaks, fill out this form by November 9

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