MHealthy Annual Report

Our 2018 annual report focuses on the impact our key objectives and priorities have had on the university and the health and well-being of our community. Highlights from the 2018 calendar year include:

  • More than 37,000 faculty and staff members participated in our health and well-being programs and services. Programs like MHealthy Rewards and Active U continued to be among our most popular offerings, with more than 19,000 and 12,000 participants, respectively.
  • A continued commitment to individuals with chronic conditions or those at high risk due to tobacco use, back pain, and depression.  We also began exploring the impact socioeconomic status, wage, and where someone works and lives have on our community’s health.
  • A new section that highlights the role benefits plays in supporting health and well-being through its health plans, retirement preparation, and financial wellness services.
  • Restructuring health and well-being services into three distinct areas – MHealthy, Mental Health Counseling and Consultation Services, and Occupational Health Services.
  • Both our campus and Michigan Medicine employee counseling services underwent a name change to more accurately reflect their services.
  • Internally, our commitment to presidential initiatives like diversity, equity and inclusion helped us develop and deliver services that are supportive, inclusive and accessible to all in the campus community.

Thank you to those who continue to support U-M’s health and wellness initiatives; it is vital to improving the well-being of our faculty and staff and moving toward becoming a model community of health. 

Visual highlights from our CY2018 report.

Read the full CY2018 MHealthy Annual Report.