MHealthy Annual Report

We are pleased to share MHealthy’s 2016 Annual Report. The report focuses on several key objectives and the impact these areas have had on our organization and the health and well-being of our university community. Highlights from the 2016 calendar year include:

  • The university’s adoption of a holistic philosophy of well-being
  • Launching supervisors and managers workshops, providing the tools needed to create thriving work teams where health and well-being contribute to success
  • More than 22,000 faculty and staff members participating in MHealthy Rewards and more than 10,000 participating in Active U
  • Again earning high customer satisfaction scores across all MHealthy programs and services
  • The work being done to address health risk behaviors and chronic conditions such as diabetes, back pain, depression and anxiety, cancer, tobacco, and alcohol
  • Providing more than 28,000 flu shots to Michigan Medicine employees and nearly 9,000 to campus employees
  • The impact our mental and emotional health services have had on participant work performance and productivity

Thank you to those who continue to support U-M’s health and wellness initiatives; it is vital to improving the well-being of our faculty and staff and moving toward becoming a model community of health. 

Read the full CY2016 MHealthy Annual Report.