Exercise Class and Shower Locations

Class Locations

Please note: not all locations have classes each session; please check the schedule for current locations and specific classrooms.

U-M Shower Facilities

You must have an ID that gives you access. For more information on access, contact security at 936-7890.

North Ingalls Building:

  • Men: 3rd floor, Room NI 3F12 - Hospital ID required!
  • Women: 3rd floor, Room NI 3F14 - Hospital ID required!

Medical Science Building I:

  • Men: Ground level, Room M 2413T
  • Women: Ground level, Room W 2309T

Taubman Center:

  • Men: Room B1 394T, Southeast Corner - Hospital ID required!
  • Women: Room B1 393T, Southeast Corner - Hospital ID required!

Wolverine Tower Fitness Room

  • 3003 S. State Street, Basement