Exercise Class Scholarships

MHealthy’s scholarship program removes the financial barrier that might prevent a U-M staff or faculty member from participating in an MHealthy exercise and relaxation class. If you are interested in moving more and relieving stress and are eligible, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship!

Who’s Eligible

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for a scholarship:

  • Full-time benefits-eligible faculty and staff member
  • Earn $45,000 or less per year

How to Apply

Submit a scholarship application for the spring/summer 2019 session by Friday, March 29, 2019. Each session, a limited number of scholarships are available and will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. If interested, we encourage you to apply early.

You must re-apply for a scholarship each class session. MHealthy offers three sessions per year – winter, spring/summer, and fall. Scholarship application dates:

  • Spring/summer 2019: March 20-29, 2019

What Classes are Eligible?

Nearly all MHealthy Exercise and Relaxation Classes are eligible. Each session, you will have the opportunity to choose from more than 100 onsite classes, including cardio, yoga, strength training and more. Spring/summer schedule available starting March 22, 2019. The scholarship covers the cost of one 14- or 15-week class per session.

The only MHealthy classes that are not eligible are those offered by third party contractors or outside vendors, such as Bodies in Balance.

Notification and Next Steps:

MHealthy will notify all applicants on whether they received a scholarship before registration opens for the upcoming class session.

If you are awarded a scholarship:

  • MHealthy will ask you to provide your top three class choices.  Spring/summer 2019 schedule available starting March 22, 2019. 
  • You must also agree to the following requirements:
    • Agree to the MHealthy Group Exercise Class Scholarship Policies
    • Attend at least six classes per session (classes start May 6, 2019)
    • Complete a post-class survey at the end of the session
    • Failure to meet the above requirements could result in loss of scholarship for future sessions.


Contact MHealthy at mhealthy@umich.edu or (734) 647-7888.