WW (weightwatchers is now WW)


With the groundbreaking program built on the SmartPoints system, myWW offers one program with three ways to live it. It's freeing and flexible for you because it takes your personal needs into account and figures out which option best aligns with YOUR lifestyle. You'll shift your mindset into an "I've got this" way of thinking – because myWW is more than just weight loss. It’s about success that lasts.

And get this: Members who attend WW Workshops (formerly meetings) and who use the WW app and digital tools lose 8x more weight than people who try to lose weight on their own. Our Monthly Pass includes both meetings and a subscription to the WW app, giving you the power to lose weight and keep it off!


Only $75 for up to two 12-week sessions during the calendar year 2020!*

MHealthy is pleased to continue our agreement for 2019 that makes WW even more affordable. This incredible rate is made possible through a special alliance with WW and MHealthy. It can be used towards at U-M WW At WORK workshops or select WW Community workshops.

U-M employees and eligible spouses and other qualified adults (OQA) who participate in more than two 12-week sessions will pay only $99 for the additional sessions.

*Discount does not apply to temporary or contract employees. There is no charge for lifetime WW members who maintain their goal weight.

**According to IRS rules, contributions of this nature, made by an employer on behalf of an employee, have monetary value and are considered income to the employee. Therefore, the $75 subsidy for one-time participation, or $150 subsidy for two-time participation, is considered taxable income and will appear on participating U-M employee paychecks with an earnings code of CMP (taxable NonCash Compensation).

This activity qualifies for MHealthy Rewards 2020! Benefits-eligible faculty and staff can go to the StayWell Portal to learn how to successfully complete this activity to earn points towards a $100 reward.