Fitness Center Membership Reimbursement

The health questionnaire will be available starting January 9, 2019.

MHealthy is excited to offer the fitness center membership reimbursement again in 2019!  Complete the 2019 StayWell health questionnaire by April 26, 2019, to qualify for the fitness center membership reimbursement.

The University of Michigan has partnered with IncentFit to administer this reimbursement program.

Watch this short video for a quick overview.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Approximately two weeks after you complete your 2019 StayWell health questionnaire you will receive a welcome email from IncentFit. 
  • Once you have logged into the IncentFit site, you will be able to upload documents to IncentFit verifying payment for your fitness center membership. IncentFit will review documentation and notify you if your document was approved or rejected.
  • If your document is rejected, please work directly with IncentFit by emailing or calling IncentFit at 844-246-2368.
  • If you have not received your IncentFit email after two weeks, you can still log into the IncentFit site at To ensure you receive future emails, please add to your contacts and/or safe list.


  • For every month, January – October 2019, that you verify payment, you will earn a $12/credit.  Verify up to 10 months to earn up to $120.
  • Payouts will occur twice in 2019: once in July and again in December in your U-M paycheck. To ensure a July payment, please upload documentation to IncentFit by June 17, 2019.

What Fitness Center Memberships Qualify?

The following types of fitness center memberships are eligible for reimbursement:

  • Health Clubs & Gym Memberships
  • Community Center Memberships
  • Yoga Facility Memberships
  • Pilates Facility Memberships
  • Spinning Facility Memberships
  • Barre Facility Memberships
  • CrossFit Facility Memberships

This includes fitness facilities in your community or at U-M facility.

What Should My Documentation Include?

Get credit for your fitness center membership by uploading a purchase receipt that matches the below criteria. You may need to go to the front desk of your facility to ask for a copy of this information. All documentation must be submitted to IncentFit.

  1. Identify you, the employee, as the member
  2. Be a purchase receipt on gym letterhead or on a financial statement
  3. Be for completed/past payment (future/pending payments are not covered)
  4. Be for one of the following approved purchase types:
    • Monthly payment(s)
    • Single payment for a 3-month membership
    • Single payment for a 4-month membership
    • Single payment for a 6-month membership
    • Single payment for a 1-year membership
    • Single payment for a 2-year membership
  5. Show the amount paid
  6. Show the payment is for a membership in the timeframe between January 1, 2019 through October 31, 2019 (you have until October 31, 2019 to submit 2019 receipts)
  7. Show the name of the fitness facility
  8. Is a membership in one of these approved fitness facility categories: 
    • Health Clubs and Gym Memberships
    • Community Center Memberships
    • Yoga Facility Memberships
    • Pilates Facility Memberships
    • Spinning Facility Memberships
    • Barre Facility Memberships
    • CrossFit Facility Memberships

Please note: The following categories are NOT eligible for membership reimbursement: 

  • Boxing / Kickboxing Memberships
  • Dance Studio Memberships
  • Martial Arts Memberships
  • Rock Climbing Gym Memberships
  • Swimming Pools Memberships
  • Ice Skating Classes and Rink Memberships
  • Boot Camps / Exercise Programs
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Physical Therapy / Rehab Centers
  • Tennis Classes and Court Memberships
  • Golf Classes and Course Fees
  • Country Club Memberships
  • Sports League Memberships
  • Bike Share Memberships

Please note: If at any time the eligible employee's benefit status changes (leave of absence, appointment change, etc.), the employee's eligibility to participate, and/or receive reimbursements may also change.

For additional questions, please view the FAQs (near the bottom of the Rewards homepage) or email MHealthy at