Meet the Staff

Aurora Belopolsky, MSW

Aurora Belopolsky Headshot

I am a Health Educator with MHealthy’s Tobacco Consultation Service, providing bedside tobacco treatment support for patients hospitalized at Michigan Medicine. I earned my Master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan and am a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist.

I focus on empowering patients through education and motivational interviewing to help them make healthy choices. As a Health Educator, my goal is to advocate for patients’ needs while hospitalized and provide patients with a judgment-free and patient-centered approach to preparing for change. Along with working with patients, I enjoy providing tobacco treatment education and support to many of the Michigan Medicine clinical teams.

Joyce Brown, MS

I am a Tobacco Treatment Specialist for MHealthy’s Tobacco Consultation Service, working with the department for 12 years as an inpatient and outpatient counselor. I earned my B.A. in Health Services Administration from Baker College and my M.S. in Health Education from the University of Michigan. I became Master Certified as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist through the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine in 2008.

I am an advocate for inpatients with tobacco dependence, providing bedside interventions, including pharmacological options for the relief of nicotine cravings, assessing a patient’s readiness to quit smoking, assistance in developing a quit plan, and telephonic quit support post-discharge. I also work with clients in an outpatient setting, focusing on the goals and needs of the client. Sessions include setting a quit date, preparing to quit and relapse prevention. Although there are many commonalities to tobacco dependence, there are also unique patterns and situations to an individual’s tobacco use. We explore each trigger and barrier and work together to develop strategies for becoming a non-smoker.

I look forward to working with you!

Julie Doty, Secretary

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I have been a secretary with TCS for over ten years and connecting with people who want to make a change by quitting tobacco is rewarding and very important to me. I am an ex-smoker and put quitting among my top accomplishments in life. If I had known how differently food tasted, how much healthier I would feel and how quitting improved my overall health, I would have quit sooner. Helping people to improve their health and quit tobacco is what we do best, and I am proud to be a part of the TCS team.

 Lena D. Matthias, MSA, CTTS-M

Lena Grey Headshot

I am the Training and Policy Management Coordinator for TCS, managing Tobacco Treatment Specialist certification trainings and tobacco cessation services to U-M faculty, staff and students. I also coordinate the University of Michigan’s smoke-free policy. 

The best part of my job is when I see a client’s confidence in their ability to quit grow.  Quitting can be a scary thought but I have seen so many people overcome their trepidation and reach their goal.  Quitting tobacco use can greatly improve health and it is my goal to help support others on their journey to living a tobacco-free life. There are not many people who have not been touched by the health impact of tobacco use.  In my case, it was a favorite uncle who recently passed away after a very long battle with COPD.  My interest in tobacco cessation is to carry on my uncle’s message to me when I started doing this work to help others to quit so that they do not have to go through what he did.

I recommend TCS to anyone thinking about quitting tobacco use.  TCS provides a non-judgmental, safe and supportive environment for tobacco users to explore their quitting options.  I look forward to working with you!

Bethany Lemm, MPH, MSW

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I am a Health Educator with the MHealthy Alcohol Management Program.  Making the decision to drink less alcohol or stop drinking entirely can be challenging and frightening. I am honored to have supported participants in making these difficult changes in their alcohol use and witnessed how it has benefited so many areas of their lives.  Watching someone get the support they deserve, change their relationship with alcohol, and feel better overall is truly a rewarding experience. 

I received my MPH and MSW from the University of Michigan in 2002 and started working at MHealthy soon after. Since 2009, I have supported individuals in the Alcohol Management Program.  Outside of work, I enjoy quality time with my family, traveling, reading, and spending time outdoors. 

Teresa Herzog Mourad, MS, TTS

Teresa Herzog Mourad Headshot

I am a Health Educator for the MHealthy Alcohol Management Program (AMP) and Tobacco Consultation Service (TCS). I received my certification to provide alcohol management consultation in 1994 from Mensana, an offshoot the Addiction Research Foundation of Canada. I have delivered the alcohol screening and brief intervention program for over 20 years. I received my Master Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist certification from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2015.  For the last four years, I have provided inpatient tobacco consultations to Michigan Medicine patients.

Prior to working at MHealthy, I was a Health Educator at the Washtenaw County Health Department, Chelsea Community Hospital and University Health Services at U-M and Eastern Michigan University.  I earned a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree from the University of Michigan with a focus on Health Behavior and Health Education. Since 2016, I have participated in the Compassionate and Non-Violent Communications movement, in both practice and training at local, state and regional levels.

Alison D. Nix, MPH, CTTS-M

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I am Program Manager for both the MHealthy Tobacco Consultation Service (TCS) and the MHealthy Alcohol Management Program. I am a U-M alumna and am proud to be a Michigan Wolverine. I have always had a passion for helping others and found my niche working with individuals who are interested in quitting tobacco. I offer support to my clients through kindness and empathy, helpful resources, and clinically based tobacco treatment. My passion extends into leadership as I lead a multidisciplinary team of health educators working to assist individuals in making difficult behavior changes. We are always striving to give the best possible care to our clients, while advancing our mission of being a leader in tobacco treatment.

I look forward to working with you!

Dreama Perrine

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Alena Williams

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