Find Child Care

We are happy to help you find child care. We’ve collected a few great online search options presented below. This covers the U-M Children’s Centers, local home-based programs, and access to a state-wide searchable database.

Review the U-M Children’s Centers

The U-M Children’s Centers university-affiliated centers are licensed, on-campus child care centers in Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint. And they emphasize early childhood education.

Consider Campus Child Care Homes Network

The Campus Child Care Homes Network are a select group of licensed, home-based programs in the greater Ann Arbor area. This information is regularly updated and includes availability and pictures of the homes.

See the State of Michigan Child Care Database

Search all licensed child care centers and homes with the State of Michigan child care database. PLEASE NOTE - The State of Michigan does not routinely update provider files beyond assuring the providers listed are licensed. To make the best use of this site, see the PDF “A Parent's Guide to Early Learning and Care in Michigan.”

U-M Family Helpers for Occasional Care

For occasional child care needs review U-M Family Helpers listings. For additional child care options, see More Resources | WorkLife/Find Child Care/More Resources.

Contact us if you have questions or need assistance

If you need help with any aspect of finding child care, please use this contact form and select the subject “I have a question about child care” or call (734) 763-9379. You can also print this WLRC child care resources flier.


The U-M Work-Life Resource Center offers child care resource information only. Information is subject to change. Neither the U-M nor its subcontractors warrant any information concerning any child care provider, nor do they inspect, investigate, endorse, recommend, or choose any particular provider. The inclusion of any care provider’s name does not constitute endorsement or certification by the U-M, WLRC or its subcontractors as to their qualifications to provide child care, the rates charged for services or any other aspect of individual program’s quality of care. Any complaints and problems should be directed to the caregiver and/or the State of Michigan Department of Human Services, Office of Child and Adult Licensing.