Be a Temp

  • Please Note: After November 11th, 2022, TSS is no longer accepting new requests to fill temporary employee needs.

  • Wage Increase Begins August 21. The minimum wage for all Ann Arbor temporary employees increases to $15 per hour effective 8/21/22. The minimum wage increase for Dearborn and Flint campus temp staff has a staged approach with $13 per hour effective 8/21/22 and $15 per hour effective fall 2023.

  • Interested in temp work? Please apply directly on our careers website, search for temp work, and apply directly on the resulting page.

  • Find out information about the U-M COVID19 vaccination requirement here.

Why apply?

Working in a temporary position can lead to meaningful and rewarding employment at the university. In some cases, it could even result in a regular position (and that means a higher level of job security and benefits). In fact, a recent poll of Campus New Employee Orientation attendees found that about 30% of the new hires started out as temporary employees.

How can I apply?

Interested in temp work? Please apply directly on our careers website, search for temp work, and apply directly on the resulting page.

Also, through November 11 you can take a look at Current Opportunities.

What temp jobs are out there?

All kinds - from entry-level to specialized positions in technical, legal, and medical fields. Some of the most frequently offered positions include: secretaries, office assistants, administrative assistants, programmers, data entry clerks, laundry workers and custodians. We also offer additional clerical, professional/administrative, labor, and technical positions depending on departmental needs.

What are the hours?

The work hours for most temporary positions are Monday - Friday between 8am-5pm, but other shifts and weekends are sometimes available. And although most work is 40 hours/week, we have part-time positions available as well.

How long will a temp position last?

Assignments are generally six weeks or longer – possibly as long as one year (89 or 179 days for service/maintenance positions). Shorter term positions are sometimes available as well.

Am I eligible for benefits as a temporary employee?

Temporary employees are eligible for business travel accident insurance.

Non-exempt (hourly) temporary employees may also contribute to a 403(b) Supplemental Retirement Account (SRA) with TIAA or Fidelity, or both, at any time. You contribute a fixed dollar amount with each paycheck; there is no university matching contribution. Contributions and earnings are tax-deferred, meaning you do not pay state or federal taxes until you take a distribution from the account.

Under certain circumstances, temporary employees who work 30 or more hours per week on average may be eligible for medical benefits and prescription drug coverage. Learn more about expanded eligibility for medical benefits under the Affordable Care Act.

As of March 29, 2019, certain temporary employees will also be eligible for up to 40 hours of paid sick time per year under Michigan’s Paid Medical Leave Act. To be eligible for this benefit, you must have worked an average of at least 25 hours per week for the university during the previous calendar year. If eligible, you will receive a bank of up to 40 hours of paid sick time each January 1 or a pro-rated amount on your date of hire if your qualifying appointment starts later in the year.

Do you hire students?

Yes, especially during summer months, but you may want to contact the Student Employment Office at (734) 763-4128 for additional student employment opportunities.

Are temps required to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

On July 30, a new University-wide policy was announced requiring that all employees including temps be vaccinated against COVID-19 or request a medical or religious exemption. Individuals must have completed, or received at least the initial dose of the COVID-19 vaccination and submit proof of vaccination information to U-M or request an exemption no later than August 30, 2021.