After 35 years, reaping the benefits of a lifetime of service

Patricia Arnett-Anderson close up shot

Patricia Arnett-Anderson

"In August of 1979 I was hired as a payroll clerk in the Administrative Services Building, where I processed payroll for temporary staff.

Later, working at the Hatcher Graduate Library gave me the opportunity to serve many diverse students.

In 1986, I was working in the UMHS Operating Room, where scheduling of Nursing, AFSCME and Tech staff was processed and posted on legal size paper where staff wrote overtime, on call, etc. The process was a nightmare.

During my days in the OR the university purchased a new system which now is called OneStaff. This change helped the scheduling and payroll process run more efficiently. This is the system used today, along with Wolverine Access.

Over the years, I have seen many changes in the university's structure, policies and procedures. M-Pathways was put into place to streamline all areas of university business including HR/financial and reports. The goal is to go paperless in how the work is processed.

Working at the Health System has been an interesting journey-one that has been challenging and sometimes stressful.

The university is a great place to work with an excellent benefits/retirement plan. I now have the opportunity to reap the benefit of a lifetime of service."

- Submitted by Patricia Arnett-Anderson, administrative assistant senior with the UMHS Admission Bed Coordination Center, who retired December 31, 2014 after 35 years of service.