Is Your Information Up to Date?

Family of three, with woman holding a moving box and looking out a window.

Keep Your Address Current 

Keeping your personal information up to date with the university is essential and it only takes a few minutes. Don't miss out on receiving forms, ID cards or services after a move. 

Follow these steps to view or update your address:

  1. Visit 
  2. Select the ‘Employee Self Service’ tile or enter ‘Employee Self-Service’ in the search bar
  3. Click ‘Campus Personal Information’
  4. Click ‘Addresses’
  5. Click ‘Current Local’
  6. Review ‘Current Local’ address and edit if needed

You will need to update your address with your retirement savings plan provider separately. Contact TIAA and Fidelity Investments to switch your personal information in their system.

Update Your Beneficiaries 

If your family or relationship status changes, it's time to review your beneficiary designations for your U-M life insurance and retirement savings plan accounts. Five minutes today can save your loved ones time and worry in the future.

Learn how to review and update your beneficiaries

Please note, you will need to change your beneficiaries across each of the following plans: 

Consider updating when you:

  • Marry or enter a domestic partnership/civil union
  • Divorce
  • Have or adopt children
  • Experience the death of listed beneficiaries

Make it a Habit

Consider reviewing and updating your information every year around Open Enrollment. It's a good time to not only review your benefits options, but also your personal information. 

Save the Date

Open Enrollment for 2024 benefits is October 16-27, 2023 (ends at 5pm EST). Faculty, staff, retirees and survivors, and benefits-eligible graduate students can make changes to their benefits. Visit the Open Enrollment page for the latest information

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