Three easy ways to cut prescription costs

Pills and pill bottles

Are you looking to spend less on prescription drugs in 2017?

Here are easy three ways you can save with the U-M prescription drug plan: search for your lowest-cost option using the MedImpact Member Portal, switch eligible prescriptions to mail order and check out free prescription programs through major retailers.

1. Use the MedImpact Member Portal to find your lowest-cost option

Register for the MedImpact Member Portal for real-time access to your prescription drug information, including how much you pay for your current medications and whether there are cheaper options available. You can also find a pharmacy, check prior authorization status, view your Rx history and get essential information like how to take and store your medications. 

2. Switch to mail order

If you take any medications that have been prescribed for three months or more – things like daily medications for cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes – consider switching these “maintenance” drugs to mail order delivery through NoviXus Pharmacy Services. NoviXus offers fast, free, secure home delivery and saves you one copay every three months under the U-M drug plan. (Not sure if NoviXus offers savings over your current pharmacy? Use the drug price check tool on the MedImpact Member Portal to compare.)

To get started, you'll need to create an account with NoviXus. You can:

  • Download the free NoviXus Pharmacy app from the App Store or Google Play
  • Visit
  • Call NoviXus at 877-269-1160

NoviXus will help you transfer any existing prescriptions to mail order. Then, tell your health care provider you want to use NoviXus the next time you get a prescription. For a new medication, you will need two prescriptions: an initial 30-day prescription to be filled at a retail pharmacy and a 90-day prescription for automatic refills by mail through NoviXus. Your provider can e-prescribe, call 877-269-1159 or fax to NoviXus at 877-395-4836.

3. Use free prescription programs

Some large retailers offer free prescription programs through on-site pharmacies, including Meijer, Sam’s Club, Publix and others. While you still need to have a prescription and present your insurance card, these programs often cover common medications with $0 copay, such as:

  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Select antibiotics
  • Atorvastatin (generic Lipitor)
  • Immediate release metformin

Ask the in-store pharmacist or visit their websites for more information about these programs.