The Rivals Challenge: Q and A with Carolyn Cole-Brown

To help Rivals Challenge participants keep moving and logging their minutes, we've asked leaders from across U-M how they stay motivated and why they want to beat Ohio State. Registration is still open for The Rivals Challenge!

Carolyn Cole-Brown, Associate Hospital Director

Q: Why is your health and well-being important to you?  

Text Box: “When you take the first step, the remaining steps get easier if you keep at it.” </p>
<p>A: Staying healthy helps me feel good, gives me lots of energy, and reduces my stress. My well-being is important because it supports my ability to get things done and is my daily investment in a longer and, hopefully, active life.

Q: What advice or inspiration do you have for others?

A: Becoming and staying active is an investment in you. You only have one you. Someone told me that being active is like adding money to a bank account. Every time you eat right and exercise, you are making an investment in your life and your future.

Q: What do you do to stay healthy?

A: I try to eat healthy (lean meats, fruits and vegetables) and I exercise 3 - 4 times a week (kickboxing, weight lifting, spinning, elliptical).

Q: Tell us of a time when you had to overcome an obstacle that might inspire or encourage others. 

A: For years, I observed from afar individuals enthusiastically attending a spinning class at my gym. I was intimidated in that the individuals in the class seemed very fit and were so excited about being challenged in the class. I was curious yet again intimidated.

One day I decided I would try the class, for the sake of it. My fall back plan was, if the class was too tough, I would politely excuse myself.  So I attended my first class. The instructor asked if anyone was new. I raised my hand. She helped me set-up my bike and told me to go at my own pace.  So the class proceeded, it was tough but I liked it and actually made it through the entire class! 

I decided if I could do it once, then I could do it again. Before I knew it, I was able to put more pressure on the wheels and move faster. Two years later, I am one of the fastest spinners in the class!

Q: Finally, why do you want to beat Ohio State?

A: We are Michigan, we are the maize and the blue, the best!

Take a walk with Carolyn, May 16!

Get some exercise minutes in with Carolyn Cole-Brown. Join her on Monday, May 16 for a short walk around the hospital. You’ll get a boost of energy, plus have minutes to log toward beating our rival! The walk starts at 11:30 a.m. in front of elevators 9.

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