Retirement Processing for December 31, 2018

Using a keyboard for data processing year-end retirements

Human Resources Records and Information Services (HRRIS) will conduct special handling and processing of retirement transactions associated with December 31, 2018 retirements.

In order to continue implementation of the rolling retirement eligibility changes and retiree cost-sharing increases outlined in the Committee on Retiree Health Benefits (CORHB), special processing of year-end retirements will occur again this year, as we have been doing every two years since 2012 and will continue through 2020.

HRRIS will manage December 2018 retirements manually to ensure that the retirees are not affected by the retiree cost-sharing increases that will take effect on January 1, 2019.

Therefore, units should use the standard process and the central office will continue to query and manually manage those employees who need the special handling to ensure correct pay and correct benefit plan deductions. December 2018 retirements will have a last day of work of December 31, 2018, and an effective date of January 1, 2019.

December retirees will receive the Christmas Day and New Year's Day holidays, and four season days.

Individuals who are terminating (not retiring) are different. They must work the day before a holiday and the workday following a holiday in order to be paid for the holiday, meaning that the individual would need to work December 24, 2018 and January 2, 2019 in order to be paid for the December 25 holiday, season days, and the January 1 holiday.