Introduction to Leadership at U-M

A leader standing next to a white board in front of a group of employees

Are you new to a leadership role, or aspire to be in one?

Whether you are in a formal leadership role, want to move toward leadership, or just want learn more and improve your skills the Introduction to Leadership at U-M course is for you!

This course was designed to assist faculty and staff in developing the essential leadership skills necessary to lead a team of individuals at U-M, and can be a great choice if you are waitlisted for Foudations of Leadership.

The concepts taught in this course will help you lead others.

Session topics include:

  • Leadership 

  • Communication style

  • Feedback

  • Team development

You will learn to:

  • Identify the competencies and skills necessary to successfully lead others

  • Determine your communication style and how to better communicate across differences

  • Utilize the stages of team development to adjust expectations for future progress

Learn more and register.

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