Have You Recently Experienced a Qualifying Life Event?

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Outside of Open Enrollment, certain life events allow you to change your benefits during the calendar year.  

What is a Qualifying Life Event? 

A qualified family status change may be related to your marital status, number or status of dependents, employment status or work schedule, residence or work site, Medicare/Medicaid eligibility or a domestic relations order. These events may not apply to every benefit plan. 

You can change your benefits to reflect a qualified family status change if you act within 30 days of the qualifying event.

Some examples of qualifying events include: 

Get detailed information about how your benefits may be impacted and what actions to take following a qualified family status change or other life event

Ineligible Dependents? Remember to Remove Them

It is important to remove any ineligible dependents from your coverage within 30 days of the loss of eligibility.

View more information on the different types of qualifying dependents.

Experience a Change? Make Sure to Update Your Beneficiary

It is important to review your beneficiary designations for life insurance and your retirement savings accounts and make updates as necessary whenever your circumstances change. Update your beneficiary when you experience a life event that changes your eligible dependents, or when there is a change affecting your named beneficiary.

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