Giving Blueday is TODAY, Support What You Love

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Giving Blueday is today! It’s a special day of giving that encourages you to support U-M programs that align with your passion.  

For some people that means supporting student scholarships and organizations. For others, it can mean giving to further research efforts. And for many, it means supporting special programs that support the growth and development of our children and our colleagues. 

Programs associated with UHR that could benefit from your support include the Children’s Centers, Project Healthy Schools, the Employee Hardship Program, and the Voices Career Development Fund. 

Enrich Early Childhood Education

Your gift to the Friends of UM Early Childhood Programs fund provides essential support for early childhood education, special projects, teacher professional development, and tuition grants at the Health System Children's Center, North Campus Children's Center and Towsley Children's House. 

Teaching Healthy Lifestyles to Kids Throughout the State 

Project Healthy Schools works to improve the current and future health of Michigan’s youth by currently partnering with about 100 middle schools across the state. It teaches students about the impact of nutrition and activity on their lifelong health. 

Project Healthy Schools relies on gifts from people like you to sustain the program year after year in existing schools, benefiting future generations of students.  For example, a donation of:

  • $25 buys salad lesson supplies for an entire class

  • $300 provides equipment to support a new physical activity program

  • $1,500 buys materials for one school for one year.

Whatever you can give will help — it all adds up. Your support of Project Healthy Schools on December 3, helps to empower more children to improve their health.  You can also encourage others to join this movement by following Project Healthy Schools on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and sharing the Giving Blueday announcements.  

Supporting Colleagues in Need

“This is such a blessing – I am so appreciative of the help to myself and my children.” - EHP grant recipient

Imagine you are on the brink of losing your home. Or car troubles cause you to miss work, putting your job in jeopardy. Do you pay for repairs or buy groceries for your family? These situations are all too real for some members of U-M’s faculty and staff.

U-M’s Emergency Hardship Program offers help in such times of hardship. When our colleagues face sudden and significant hardships and are left without sufficient funds for rent, utilities or other immediate and essential expenses, the Emergency Hardship Program can provide resource recommendations and, in specific emergency cases, funds up to a maximum of $1,000 to bridge the gap. Every penny of the funds distributed was donated by individuals like you and generous community partners. Learn more about the Emergency Hardship Fund and please make a donation if you are able

Supporting Professional Development of Staff 

The Voices Career Development Fund promotes ongoing professional development by providing grant opportunities each year to fund:

  • Career development—by enabling participation in seminars, workshops or apprenticeships

  • Learning and educational enrichment—by providing financial assistance for continuing education and/or degree or certification or costs of equipment or supplies related to these pursuits (such as textbooks or computer equipment)

With your gift to this fund, you will support staff members' continuing development and you will also make a statement about the importance of staff development to the university. Learn more about the Voices Career Development Fund.


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