Consent Now to Get 2023 Tax Forms

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There’s good news regarding electronic consent and tax forms at U-M. You can consent to receive your W-2 and Form 1095 – important information for federal tax returns – electronically through Wolverine Access.

Even better news: If you chose to receive your W-2 and Form 1095 electronically in the past, there’s no need to consent again. One-time consent is your pass to download the forms every year.

Why Do I Need These Forms?

Your W-2 is required each year as part of tax preparation. Some accountants require a Form 1095 for your federal return, as well, and it’s a good idea to retain it for your records. U-M is required to provide copies of the W-2 and Form 1095 in electronic or hard copy format. 

Once you give consent, you’ll receive a few emails about the date and process for downloading your documents.

Electronic delivery also helps U-M toward its sustainability objectives.

Secure, Online Delivery

The university’s goal is to safeguard the confidentiality and security of your information. Electronic delivery allows you to receive your W2 and Form 1095 in a safe, convenient manner. 

Hard copies will be mailed to those who don’t consent to electronic delivery; however, U-M cautions that incorrect addresses or mailing difficulties can put your private information at risk. 

Following are important dates for each document:


  • Late December-early January – Consent for electronic distribution begins. You’ll receive an email with specific dates. 

  • Early January – Self-service opens for downloading the documents. You’ll receive an email with dates and instructions.

  • Wednesday, Jan. 24 – Deadline for address changes if you chose to receive a hard copy mailed to your address on file. Hard copies will be postmarked by Wednesday, Jan. 31.

To consent, go to Wolverine Access > Employee Self-Service > Payroll and Compensation > Pay. You’ll be prompted for consent before you can select a paycheck.


  • Monday, Nov. 27-Wednesday, Jan. 3 – Consent for electronic distribution

  • Friday, Dec. 29 – Deadline to enter address changes for hard copy mailing. Hard copies will be postmarked by Wednesday, Jan. 31.

  • Week of Jan. 22 – Self Service portal for employees who have consented to electronic delivery opens. Employees who have consented will receive an email with instructions. Hard copies will be postmarked by Wednesday, Jan. 31.

To consent, go to Wolverine Access > Benefits > Form 1095 Consent.

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