Computer Skill Testing to Help You Hire

If you are hiring a new employee, Temporary Staffing Services can help you evaluate if your candidate has the computer skills essential for the job. Temporary Staffing Services offers more than 30 computer testing options that can be great as an aid in hiring decisions for job postings.

For example, a  good overall assessment of a candidate’s office/clerical skills,  the “Basic Skills” package at $85 per test taken, provides a good evaluation of typing, data entry, Word and Excel proficiency. Additionally, Temp Staffing can customize tests to measure the skills required for a position for only $95 per person tested.

Temporary Staffing provides a full report of each test conducted and explains the testing process so hiring supervisors can better understand the results. Contact Temp Staffing for a testing consultation and more information about services provided designed to assist supervisors to make the best hiring choices.