Better Health, Bigger Wallet

Carrots, peppers and various root vegetables w/ cut carrots in a bowl

Growing your own green beans does more than polish your green thumb. It’s one of many simple ways to improve your health and save money in 2020.

Improving your health isn’t all about better cholesterol numbers and 10,000 steps. Small pleasures, such as indoor gardening and sharing the ride to work, can benefit both your health and your wallet.

Know Your Network

Pay less when you stay in your insurance plan network. To start, forge a relationship with your family doctor; find one who accepts your insurance. Check before you seek care to avoid a larger-than-necessary bill later.

Use Preventive Care

Detect a condition early or, better yet, practice prevention with regular checkups, tests and immunizations. Most preventive services are covered by U-M’s health plans with no co-pay.

Use Well-being Programs

Your best health – physical, mental and emotional – is MHealthy’s focus. MHealthy offers exercise and relaxation classes, ergonomics resources and nutrition programs. Employee counseling services also are offered at no cost to faculty, staff and eligible dependents.

Eat Green (And Red, Purple, Brown…)

Growing your own produce is frugal and healthy. Even in the winter, you can sprout more than just sprouts with a little midwestern ingenuity. It’ll motivate you for the warmer breezes of spring gardening, which also is great exercise.

Commute in Combo

Walking and biking to work in the snow is tough; how about a carpool? U-M has several options to share and simplify your ride

Sharing the gas money and making the trip with friends puts cash in your pocket and a lift to your spirit. Once the snow clears, warm-weather options are available, too.

Stop the Smokescreen

Tobacco use (yes, that includes vaping) increases your risk for heart disease, stroke, certain cancers and lung diseases. It also puts an unhealthy dent in your wallet. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes each day, quitting in 2020 will save you about $2,000. MHealthy offers programs and incentives that can assist, from the “just thinking about it” to the “ready and resolute” stage.

Set a Health Goal

Whether your goal is to eat healthier, manage stress, or simply have more energy, making positive health changes can have many benefits:

  • Improves sleep

  • Lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels

  • Reduces your risk for chronic illness, such as heart disease and diabetes

  • Increases your energy level

  • Encourages social interaction and improves self confidence

  • Reduces health-care visits and costs linked to health care

  • May improve memory, cognitive skills and problem-solving skills

Whatever your health goals may be, MHealthy offers programs to assist you.