6 Alternative Zoom Happy Hour Ideas

Woman on video call having coffee.

Over the past 2 1/2 years, many of us have realized just how important socializing is. As some of us continue to practice social distancing at work and home, many have picked up on the trend of online Happy Hours (Zoom, BlueJeans, Meet, Facetime, etc.). But you don’t need to have a cocktail to connect.

Here are a half-dozen alternatives to alcohol for your next virtual get-together.

  1. Make it a coffee break or lunch date – Schedule your virtual hangout at a time where you’re more likely to share a cup of tea or simply break bread.
  2. Make it a movie night! Watch the same movie with friends using Netflix Party.
  3. Make it an unleaded happy hour with mocktails. MHealthy has nearly a dozen tasty non-alcoholic drink options right here
  4. Make it a workout date. Join a friend for an online MHealthy Physical Activity Class or check out the Zoom classes from Rec Sports.
  5. Zoom into your kitchen and cook a meal together. You could start a virtual cooking club (or join an existing one).
  6. Be a gamer! Try one of the following for a ton of fun:

Want to take a closer look at your alcohol use?

The MHealthy Alcohol Management Program (AMP) at the University of Michigan is a brief, confidential health education program that helps you cut back on your drinking or quit altogether. It's your choice, abstinence, or alcohol moderation. Learn more about AMP.

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