Communication Resources for UHR Staff

The following information is intended to help University Human Resources staff access resources such as logos and presentation templates, as well as provide general guidelines for some commonly asked editorial questions.

Logos and Usage

There are a few simple, yet important guidelines for using the University of Michigan and UHR logos. The Office of Vice President for Communications has developed guidelines for use of the U-M logo that apply to UHR as well. 

Basic UHR logos are available in this shared folder.

There are also logos for individual UHR departments that have many different variations based on the intended use. If you need one of these logos, or have any other questions, please contact HR Communications.

Templates for Presentations

We’ve created presentation templates featuring current UHR design themes for your use. The templates feature infographic-like circles that can be used to highlight key points from your presentation. They can be used on the cover or copied and pasted onto different slides. We have created two cover variations, one featuring an image from new UHR website and one without.

UHR presentation templates are available in this shared folder.

If you have questions about the materials or have a special presentation request, please contact HR Communications.

Common Editorial Style Questions

Our editorial guidelines follow the recommendations from the university's Office of the Vice President for Communications and are based primarily on the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook and Chicago Manual of Style.

University of Michigan

For external audiences, spell out the complete name the first time you refer to it.

  • the University of Michigan
  • the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (hyphen)
  • the University of Michigan-Dearborn (hyphen)
  • the University of Michigan-Flint (hyphen)

(Only capitalize "the" if it is at the beginning of a sentence)

Abbreviations for the University of Michigan and its campuses

  • U-M (hyphen)
  • UM-Ann Arbor (hyphen)
  • UM-Dearborn (hyphen)
  • UM-Flint (hyphen)

Michigan Medicine refers to the university's clinical enterprise and medical school. Use the following to refer to all campuses:

  • "...faculty and staff at the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint campuses and Michigan Medicine..."

More examples of abbreviations


Though there have been different practices over time, the current recommendation is to use lowercase to refer to “university” when not referring to the University of Michigan as a proper noun.

  • “Faculty and staff at the university…”

Some other common questions about capitalization include:

  • email
  • website
  • Internet
  • telephone

Capitalize job titles only when they immediately precede the individual’s name or when they are named positions or honorary titles.

  • Provost Martin Philbert and President Mark Schlissel addressed the Board of Regents.
  • The president of the University of Michigan is Mark Schlissel.

More about capitalization

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