Accessing the Service - registration procedure

Registration for 2015:

Prior to registering, please note: the unsubsidized rate for Kids Kare is $20.50 per hour (for one to two children, minimum four hours daily; three or more children are billled at 1 1/2 times this hourly rate). However, you may qualify for a U-M subsidized rate. Be sure to enter your total gross household income on the online registration form to determine if you qualify for a subsidy. If we do not have your household income amount, you will be billed for the full, unsubsidized cost of care.

Kids Kare at Home is a back-up child care program for families at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, UMHS, U-M Dearborn, and also U-M Flint affiliates who live in serviced counties. The program is run by a caregiver agency called Safe at Home. Kids Kare at Home may be able to provide an at-home, back-up child care option when:

  • your child is mildly ill and cannot be sent to school/child care, and you need to be at work/on campus
  • your regular child care is not available (e.g., your nanny or child care provider is ill)

Please review the following for more information and for exceptions:

Kids Kare is available for children ages 13 and under (or older children with special needs up to the age of 25 who cannot be left alone).

Important information for registered families:

An announcement will be made each November/December to remind U-M families to enroll for the following calendar year. If you have questions, contact the Work/Life Resource Center at

Disclaimer: The U-M Kids Kare at Home program is offered as an option for parents/guardians. The use of the program should be carefully considered by parents/guardians, taking into account individual situations and preferences. The caregivers for this program are screened and trained through a caregiver agency, Safe at Home. Caregivers receive annual training. The U-M Work/Life Resource Center does not endorse or recommend any individual caregiver.