Teams & Issues: Rewards & Recognition Team

Note: This team is no longer active. The information below is available to document the history of service VOICES members have provided to the university community.

Rewards and Recognition Team


Explore current recognition programs in place at U-M and determine the best methods of providing recognition on an organization-wide basis that will encourage staff as they contribute to the University in research, teaching, service, and patient care.


  • Identify best practice reward programs that can be used to provide additional value-added options for employees
  • Evaluate options for recognition strategies that can be implemented on an organization-wide basis
  • Identify best practices and supervisor/manager education or tools to integrate recognition into daily work life


  • Consolidated two VOICES Network teams (Performance Management & Recognition and Benefits & Rewards) into one unified team working on the subject of rewards & recognition throughout the University of Michigan.
  • Participated in the VOICES Supervisor Conference with a session on “Recognition Basics for Supervisors.” Provided Supervisor Recognition Toolkits as takeaways for all participants.
  • Partnership with University Human Resources (UHR) Recognition Committee to review their proposal for a recognition roll-out in their departments. Reviewed plans and made recommendations prior to roll-out.
  • Partnership with Institute for Social Research (ISR) Leadership Team to discuss concept of Recognition and how their lead team could develop a Recognition Program for 1100 staff and faculty. Provided resources, information and guidance on development of a plan.
  • Partnership with Uniquely Michigan website to discuss strategies to increase awareness of the website.
  • Partnership with MCard to discuss improvements in marketing the discounts available through use of the card to employees.
    • Shared information with MCard about communication vehicles available through the Health System (Bulletin, Screen Savers, Applause!)

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Work in Progress

  • Discussions in progress to assist HR Committee working on the topic of Vacation and Paid Time Off, who are creating a business proposal regarding a donation policy.
  • Working on the creation of a Business Proposal for further marketing of the employee rewards available through MCard and the Uniquely Michigan websites.
  • Planning for the creation of a Business Proposal for the creation of an institution-wide recognition system (including training, education and supervisor resources).


Recognition Resources

Recognition throughout University of Michigan

U-M Hospitals and Health Centers Formal Recognition

  • You’re Super Awards
  • Shining Star Awards
  • Gifts of Art Employee Awards
  • Safety Management Academy Awards
  • M-Fit Wellness Champion Awards
  • Length of Service Awards
  • Laurita Thomas Diversity Champion Awards
  • Daisy Nursing Awards
  • Employee Suggestion Program Awards
  • Holiday Gift Passes
  • UMHHC Quarterly Recognition Receptions
  • UMHHC Employee Appreciation Picnics & Ice Cream Socials
  • U-M Campus Formal Recognition
  • UMatter! Staff Recognition Program
  • Length of Service Awards
  • Maize and Blue Community Awards
  • Workplace Awards
  • Candace J. Johnson Staff Award for Excellence

Suggested Websites

  • Recognition Professionals
    The organization provides a forum for information and best practices sharing as well as education to foster the use, excitement, effectiveness, and enthusiasm of recognition.
  • Baudville
    This company provides recognition products to assist you in building your program from scratch or adding to your existing program.
  • Nelson Motivation,
    Dr. Bob Nelson’s company offers low cost recognition resources, seminars, training materials, articles and other methods for enhancing your recognition efforts.
  • Barbara
    Barbara Glanz is a motivational speaker who works with organizations that want to improve morale, retention, service and with people who want to rediscover the joy in their work and in their lives.
  • Awards and Recognition
    Organization of 4,000 companies dedicated to increasing the professionalism of recognition specialists and advancing the awards and engraving industry.
  • The Fish
    A philosophy offering fresh inspiration through a blend of films, books, speakers, curriculum and consulting to help us all feel more alive and engaged in the work we do.
  • UMHS Employee
    Features upcoming events, resource library, strategies and highlights from recognition activities aimed at helping to create a successful department recognition program.
  • National Observances &
    A calendar of all 12 months of observation and recognition dates for the health, medical and hospital industry.

Recommended Reading

  • You Made My Day: Creating Co-Worker Recognition and Relationships (Janis Allen & Michael McCarthy)
  • Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service (Kristin Anderson)
  • Priceless Motivation: Quick tips to excite and inspire your most valuable asset...people (Baudville Inc.)
  • How to Recognize and Reward Employees (Donna Deeprose)
  • Care Packages for the Workplace: Dozens of little things you can do to regenerate spirit at work (Barbara Glanz)
  • Handle with Care: Motivating and Retaining Employees (Barbara Glanz)
  • Managing With Carrots: Using Recognition To Attract and Retain The Best People (Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton)
  • The 24 Carrot Manager: A remarkable story of how a leader can unleash human potential (Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton)
  • The 24 Carrot Manager Toolkit (Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton)
  • Getting Employees to Fall in Love with Your Company (Jim Harris, Ph.D.)
  • Please Don’t Just Do What I Tell You (Bob Nelson)
  • The Rewards of Recognition: How To Generate The Energy Your Organization Needs (Bob Nelson)
  • 1001 Ways to Rewards Employees (Bob Nelson)
  • Recognition, Gratitude, Celebration: Best Management Practices (Patrick L. Townsend & Joan Gebhardt)
  • Retaining Your Employees: Using Respect, Recognition and Rewards for Positive Results (Barb Winfield & Janice Berry)
  • For a comprehensive, downloadable list of Employee Recognition Resources, click here. (doc)

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Network Team Members

Team Photo

Team Members


Susan Agnew

Comprehensive Cancer Center

Trudy Bahr, Facilitator


Eric Bain

Hospital Environmental Services

Claudette Brower

Office of Student Conflict Resolution

Patricia Cooke

Hospital and Health Centers  Financial Services

Sheryl Decoster

University Housing

Jayna Eadie


Mary Heatherly

Material Services

Douglas Hovey

Financial Operations

Nancy Kelly, Advisor

UMHS Human Resources

Maureen Luck

UMHS Human Resources

Sheryll Marshall


Byron Myer, Facilitator

UMH Social Work

Bradley Packard

Adult Psychiatry

Jaime Palmby, Advisor

UMHS Human Resources

David Perotta

UHR Work/Life Resources

Roberta Saling

LSA English Language & Literature

Trisha Schlaff

Dearborn Academic Affairs

Lourdes Smedley


Laura Van Dusen


Wanda Washburn


Marcia Whitlock

Dexter Family Practice

Elizabeth Zollweg

Recreational Sports

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