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Leadership Development Team

2013 Team Roster (PDF)

Leadership Development Team
Best Practices in Leadership Project:

Leadership Competencies and Resource Guide

Leadership Competencies and Resource GuideThe Voices of the Staff network team for Leadership Development reviewed U-M specific resources during 2009-10 to re-organize the University of Michigan’s Organizational Competency model and develop a framework of presentation that could easily be understood and applied by U-M staff, supervisors, managers, directors and executives. This guide is the result of that effort. In it, you will find recommended resources available both inside and outside of the university for developing or enhancing leadership competency.

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The VOICES of the Staff Leadership Development team will focus on identifying and developing innovative approaches that promote leadership development as a strategy for positive impact on employee engagement. This strategy will promote and foster effective and productive working relationships between employees and supervisors, and the engagement of leaders at all levels within the University environment.


To explore and engage around the selected topic of Leadership Development by:

  • Listening to the experiences of staff and supervisors; identifying challenges and opportunities to help build positive outcomes and experiences for the U-M community.
  • Providing advice about how best to address the disconnect between employees and leaders at all levels and how best to leverage leadership opportunities throughout the university so that employees can experience “leaders walking the talk.”
  • Learning about the current best practices in leadership development.
  • Understanding the current U-M approaches to leadership development and the strengths and limitation of these approaches.
  • Providing input and feedback on best practices for training programs and succession planning.
  • Serving as a sounding board for new initiatives or strategies.
  • Finding ways to share what is learned with the wider staff community.


Check out the Leadership Team's comprehensive resource guide for developing leadership competency.

View the Leadership Development Team's poster presentation from the 2010 Annual Meeting.

Network Team Members

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Team Members


Brennan, Thomas

Internal Medicine

Bryant, Bonita


Chapman, Damon


Common, Angela

Trauma Burn ICU

Dymond, Melissa

Patient and Family Support

Flaherty, Jessica

Children's Center

Haskett, Nicole

Surgery Specialty Mott

Humes, Andrew


Kulpa, Tiffany


Maki-Naasko, Rachel

Dean of Students

Marshall, Jeremy

Plant Operations

McFalda, Goyita

Facilities Projects

Nosel, Car (Carlotta)

Internal Medicine

Novara, Allison


O'Keeffe, Patrick


Ray, Kenneth


Slusser, Adrian

UMH Operating Rooms

Thomas, Lemar

Customer Service Excellence

Vaughn, Lawyer

Hospital Maintenance

White, Molly

Dean's Office

Whitmer, Shelly

Ross School of Business



Team Members Department
Jane Pettit Health System HR
Kristen Storey UHR HR Development
Rita Bantom Institute for Social Research



Team Members Department
Joan Curran University HR
Lynette Wright Office of the Plant Director

2013 Team Roster (PDF)

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