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VOICES Champion Award

VOICES Champions Award

CLICK HERE to make a nomination for the 2014 VOICES Champion Awards.

“Voices Champions are remarkable individuals and teams who through their service, generosity and leadership help make the University of Michigan a better and more caring place to learn, work, heal and discover. Through their commitment to the greater good they embody the Michigan Difference and exemplify the attributes of true champions — heroes, victors, and examples of excellence and achievement.”

-Laurita Thomas
Associate Vice President for Human Resources

The VOICES Champion award recognizes an individual, group, or unit that has supported and carried forward the VOICES of the Staff mission of staff engagement in a visible way.

A VOICES champion may have:

  • Enabled the realization of one or more VOICES goals
  • Promoted and/or implemented practices that enhance staff member engagement within a unit or department
  • Collaborated directly with a VOICES team to further that team’s work
  • Created a local program modeled on or inspired by VOICES that enhances work and/or the working culture in that unit.
champ award

Director of Human Resources Operations,
University Human Resources Diane Vasquez
received a VOICES Champion Award for her
relentless dedication and commitment to
Voices of the Staff since 2004.

Nomination Period - 2014 Deadline: April 25

Nominations for VOICES Champions are accepted annually beginning in April. Winners are selected by the Program Management Team. The awards are presented at the VOICES Annual Meeting.

Criteria for Champions:

  • Individual Champions can be current or past VOICES members.
  • The Champion’s efforts must have created concrete positive results for a broad group of staff.

Nomination Procedures:

  • Champions must be nominated by one or more current or alumni VOICES member(s).
  • Nominators must submit a clear statement of how the individual nominee or nominated group or unit meets the award criteria.
  • Statements should be a minimum of three paragraphs, describing in detail what the individual nominee or nominated group or unit has done to qualify for the award.

To Assure Consideration

  • Describe in detail the actions that led to your nomination. Be specific and give concrete examples. (Nomination documents that are too general or too brief will not be considered.).
  • Nominations should focus on successes that individuals and/or groups have already accomplished. Avoid nominating plans or ideas that are still under development.

Award Details:

  • Winning nominations will be selected by the VOICES Program Management Team.
  • Award decisions will be made by mid May 2014.
  • The VOICES Program Management Team will contact winners and their nominators. 
  • Selected recipients will receive an award and gift certificate.
  • Award winners will be also be invited to the VOICES Annual Meeting luncheon and awards ceremony.

CLICK HERE to make a nomination for the 2014 VOICES Champion Awards.