Strategies for Building Trust, Respectful Engagement, and Task Enabling Now Available Online

VOICES members interested in acquiring tools and knowledge to help build a more positive work environment will be interested in a series of three “at a glance” resources available from the Ross School of Business Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship in collaboration with VOICES.

An outgrowth of work begun three years ago by the Faculty/Staff Communication Network Team in conjunction with faculty partner Professor Jane Dutton, these practical, tip-rich training guides grew out of a unique partnership between VOICES members Mary Ceccanese, Administrative Specialist in the Office of Tax Policy Research at the Ross School and Karen Dickinson, Relationship Manager in Information and Technology Services and the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship at the Ross School.

Building on work that resulted from a grant awarded to the VOICES Faculty & Staff Communication Team focused on building high-quality connections in the workplace, Mary and Karen developed a series of free workshops on topics such as building trust in the workplace, building mutual trust, engaging respectfully, and strategies for task enabling. Offered by advance reservation, these workshops have been attended by over 700 faculty and staff participants in units, schools and departments university-wide. 

The how-to strategies covered in these workshops are now available online to VOICES members as downloadable PDF documents.

Click on the following links to download:

The ROCC of Trust: At a Glance (Reliability, Openness Competence, Compassion)

Respectful Engagement: At a Glance

Task Enabling: At a Glance

For information about campus workshops on how to build High-Quality Connections, go to: To visit the Positive Organization Organizational Scholarship web site, go to: