About Voices: Selection Process

How are the members of the staff network selected?

Size and Structure

About 100 staff members serve in a network of 6 topic-specific groups.

Two representatives from each of these network groups also serve on the Core Team. The Dearborn and Flint regional campuses each designate two staff members to join this team, which will come together periodically to represent the network in meetings with the president, executive officers and the chief human resource officer.


HR identifies targeted numbers from each unit using a percentage of total staff ratio and broadly represented career communities in an effort to create a microcosm of the U-M staff community. 

Volunteer-based selection, solicited through individual nominations from staff members and nominations from the Human Resource Communications Group (HR officers in the schools/colleges/units).

Volunteers have at least one year of U-M service and are in good standing.

Supervisors approve participation for staff members.

Training is provided to network members so that they may participate fully and effectively in the process.

Competencies required:  building relationships, interpersonal skills, leadership, achievement orientation, quality service, creative problem solving, strategic thinking, commitment to the mission, development of self and others, communication skills.

Term is for two years.

After the start-up year, half of the network will turn over so that we set up a rotating service (network will determine the process for who will serve a one-year term this first time).  Thereafter, each term will be for two years.

Application Process

Volunteer or make individual nominations by completing and sending in the application form found on this website.

Supervisory approval is required prior to submitting the nomination to University Human Resources (UHR).

Volunteers selected are varied in terms of career family, job roles, race, gender, bargained-for status, length of service, unit size, and Executive Officer area.

Applications for new members are accepted annually in March.

Appointment Process

UHR reviews applications to ensure that VOICES network teams are comprised of a diverse population that accurately reflects the composition of the staff community campus-wide.

Time Commitment

Periodic training sessions will be provided.

Monthly meetings of each group will be 1.5 hours.

Quarterly meetings of the core team will be 2 hours.

Annual meeting of the network.

Available as needed:  core team will meet as convened by President, Executive Officers, and Associate Vice President for Human Resources.

President will meet with core team twice per year and/or as needed.

AVP for Human Resources will meet with the network groups at least once per year and with the core team twice per year.

Term Limit

Initial appointment will be for two years.

Reappointment for one additional term is allowed.


The Voices of the Staff website communicates the work of the Network and Core Teams to the university community.