About Voices: Network


75-100 staff members.

One program coordinator.

Advisory members as needed (resources).

Statement of Purpose

Through the core team, share ideas with the President, Executive Officers and CHRO on climate and satisfaction issues; study/research issues to provide appropriate suggestions.

The VOICES of the Staff Network will work toward an increased understanding of, connection to, participation in, and contribution to the life of the University in research, teaching, service, and patient care.


Provide opportunities to understand the external and internal challenges facing the University so that members will be aware of the context for their role.

Gain effective staff input on specific issues.

Advise core team member on issues escalated to the core team agenda.

Identify new issues by listening to the voices in the University community.

Increase understanding of and participation in stewardship (academic enterprise).

Issue Discussion/Actions:

Gather feedback and information from community on specific issues.

Summary information/suggested actions on specific issues.

Prioritize issues; collaborate with core team member to recommend actions as appropriate.

Form sub-teams as requested to discuss issues, administer surveys, implement actions.



Execute actions within scope/approval.

Carry VOICES of Staff network to the core team meetings.

Advisory role to make suggestions to the core team.


Local, specific issues will not be addressed unless systemic.

Issues subject to collective bargaining, mediation, grievance or conflict management will not be addressed.

Term Limit

Two-year commitment, with one re-appointment, if appropriate.


Quick wins.

Issues Log.

Agendas and Minutes.

Status updates for the Core Team.

Priority list of suggested actions.