Parking & Transportation


On the Ann Arbor campus, there are four tiers of parking (Gold, Blue, Yellow & Orange) offered to faculty and staff, with different rates per tier that reflect the proximity to campus core areas.  Parking permits, and in some cases, electronic AVI devices, provide access to lots and structures.

Because of limited parking availability on this busy campus, there are established eligibility criteria for faculty and staff.  Faculty must have at least a 0% appointment and staff at least a 50% appointment to be eligible for parking.  Ineligible faculty and staff can submit an application for a parking assignment, and such assignments are made by Parking & Transportation Services, based on the specific needs of each applicant and on the parking availability at the time of the application.

Parking areas are designated with signs indicating the type and color-tier(s) of lot or structure and effective hours of enforcement.

In Ann Arbor, the Parking & Transportation Services office is located at 508 Thompson Street, on the south end of the Thompson Street parking structure.  Various materials, including maps, parking option details, policies & procedures and bus routes & schedules, are available there.
Phone: (734)764-8291

U-M-Dearborn & U-M-Flint – Faculty and staff parking permits from the Dearborn and Flint campuses may be used on the Ann Arbor campus in any Blue, Yellow or Orange parking location.  Access to gated Blue parking structures must be requested and arranged through the parking office on the campus of that faculty or staff member.
U-M-Dearborn Business Office: (313)593-5480
U-M-Flint Safety Department:  (810)762-3335

Disability Parking – Parking for people with disabilities is provided in all University lots and structures.  To use handicap-designated parking during enforcement hours, the vehicle must display:

  • A state-issued Disability Placard
  • Applicable U-M parking permit or device
  • U-M Handicap Verification permit


Bus Service - Transit
Free transit service is provided for all faculty and staff via buses which connect the Main, South, North, East & Medical Campuses in Ann Arbor.  Buses operate on schedules which vary, depending on the academic term and holiday seasons.  Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) routes serve parking lots where staff may park without charge.  Route maps & schedules may be obtained at information desks on the campuses, at the Parking Office (508 Thompson St.), the Transportation Office (1213 Kipke Dr.) or on the web (

All active U-M-Ann Arbor faculty, staff, temporaries (& students) may ride any regularly scheduled Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) bus service at any time of day, any day of the week, at no charge, by presenting a valid Mcard ID to the bus driver.

AATA Park & Ride
The AATA Park & Ride program provides free parking and free rides from five parking locations in Ann Arbor to/from several U-M locations, on weekdays.  Passengers merely present a valid Mcard ID to the bus driver.

Other Transit Services
Other transit services provided include Ride Home, Emergency Ride Home, State Street Ride, Night Ride and U-M Health System Taxi Services.  Detail about each of these services is available on the web at

Alternative Parking & Transportation Options
Environmentally-friendly alternatives are provided on the Ann Arbor campus:

S.A.F.E.WALK –  A campus accompaniment service is available as an alternative to walking alone on campus at night.

Biking – Bike racks can be found outside nearly every campus building.  Bike lockers are available at a variety of campus locations and can be leased at a nominal fee plus a refundable key deposit.

Motorcycles & Mopeds – Designated parking spaces for motorcycles & mopeds are available in many areas on campus.

Carpools – U-M allows registered carpools to share one parking permit among the riders in each pool.

Vanpools – U-M offers a vanpool program to all regular staff who can commit to riding the van at least 4 days a week.  Vanpools generally consist of at least 6 commuters (driver + 5 passengers).  U-M provides the van and a reserved parking space on campus and pays for the program.  The only cost the rider is a small monthly fee + the rider’s share of the fuel cost for the commute.

More detail about each of these alternative options is available on the web at