Occupational Safety & Environmental Health (OSEH)

Recognized as a national leader for more than 40 years, the University of Michigan's OSEH department is a vital link in the enhancement of a healthy and safe University environment where individuals pursue research and education, and enjoy the benefits the University has to offer. The department serves as a resource to the University staff, students, and the community as we work cooperatively as stewards of the environment and workplace.

We are all caretakers of the resources that we use in our daily lives, and it is our responsibility to manage those resources to the best of our abilities so they do not adversely impact our community and are available for future generations. The OSEH department supports the University's mission through partnership, guidance, and education to promote health, safety, protection of the environment, and regulatory compliance.

Standard Practice Guide 605.1 identifies maintaining a healthy and safe workplace as a responsibility of all University individuals that supervise or manage a program or area, and the responsibility for the following health and safety rules belongs to everyone on University property. The OSEH department provides the guidance, tools, surveillance, and training for individuals to fulfil their responsibilities to the University in this important area. Specific guidance is available through the OSEH Website or through the following contacts:

  • Main Office Phone: 647-1143
  • Biological and Laboratory Safety: 763-6973
  • Industrial Hygiene, Operational Safety,and Community Health: 647-1142
  • Environmental and Hazardous Materials Management: 763-4568 or 763-6973
  • Radiation Safety Services: 764-4420
  • Environmental Stewardship: 647-8994
  • Scientific Diving Safety: 936-2019

For all issues related to the safety of hospital employees, please contact UMHS Safety Management Services at 764-4427.

The combined technology, training,and skills within each program area serve the safety and health needs of the University community. Comments, observations, inquiries,recommendations, concerns or complaints regarding these programs may be directed to any of the above listed contact points.