News Service

The University of Michigan New Service, a unit of the Vice President for Communications, is the Ann Arbor campus’ news bureau and a source of advice about working with the media. Information officers gather and disseminate news about research achievements, educational initiatives, student life and University activity to print and electronic media at the local, state and national levels. They also identify University personnel to serve as media sources and to provide informed opinion for reporters. The Vice President for Communications often functions as the University’s designee to issue public statements about University policy.

The University Record is published weekly by the News Service on Mondays (bi-weekly during the summer) and carries news of general interest to the University community and job postings. The University Record also lists lectures, meetings, and conferences, and carries a comprehensive weekly calendar of University events (listings may be made by sending items to 412 Maynard or via email at Copies are available free on racks throughout the campus or on the Web at

Michigan Today is published three times per year (spring, summer, and fall) by the News Service for U-M alumni and friends. It is available in print or on the Web at

Photo Services, a News Service service unit, provides photography; film processing and printing; photo reproduction; slide making; custom film processing; passport photos; and INS photos. Charges are made against the department using the services at prices based on the cost of operation. Photo Services is located in the LS&A Building, Room B542, 500 South State Street, 734-764-9217.

For a complete description of News Service units, personnel and activities, visit its Web site at The site also provides addresses, phone numbers and e-mail access to all News Service personnel.