Mediation Services

Mediation assistance is available to any non-bargained-for staff member (bargained-for staff members are welcome to call for consultation or referral). This service is a confidential and informal channel for addressing workplace concerns and for exploring non-adversarial problem solving.

In an individual consultation, the mediator helps you explore the concern off the record and think through alternatives for resolving it.

Mediation is a voluntary early-stage effort to avoid or resolve a workplace dispute. At your request, a professionally trained neutral mediator will assist disagreeing parties in confidentially expressing needs, identifying issues and exploring possible solutions. The goal of mediation is to find a mutually acceptable solution to an existing problem and to rebuild or improve the working relationship. Even when a problem cannot be completely resolved, mediation can result in improved understanding. When attempted mediation does not seem to be helping, either party may end the attempt without penalty at any time. If no agreement is reached, all other channels remain available.

For a consulting appointment or for further information, call Mediation Services at (734) 615-4789 or visit the web site at