For the University to accomplish its goals of education, research, health care and public service, it needs the combined efforts of all its staff members. The best way to achieve these goals is to have every person report to work as scheduled. Every employee has an obligation to maintain regular and reasonable attendance as a condition of employment.

Your supervisor will explain your work hours. You may be required to maintain very rigorous and specified hours, or you may have a more flexible work schedule based on the work needs of your department. You may also be allowed to work an alternative work schedule such as a ten-hour shift or a “job sharing” situation. Whatever schedule you are assigned, be assured it is designed to meet the needs of your department and the University.

The University recognizes that there may be certain infrequent circumstances that might prevent you from being at work. In those cases, it is imperative that you notify your supervisor as soon as possible, prior to your regularly scheduled starting time. You should tell your supervisor why you cannot be at work and when you expect to be back.

Whatever your schedule, the University is depending on you to be at work when you are scheduled. (SPG 201.67)