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Welcome to the Staff Handbook Website

This handbook has been prepared to acquaint regular employees with the University’s policies, procedures, and practices.

The Standard Practice Guide (SPG), a compilation of University policies, is available on the Web at In some sections of this handbook you will find a reference to the SPG, which means that the particular policy referred to is explained in greater detail in the University’s Standard Practice Guide under the reference number indicated.

The policies referred to in the handbook and the related Standard Practice Guide may be changed or terminated at any time by the University, and neither this handbook nor the SPG establish or imply contractual obligations to any staff group or individual staff member that cannot be changed or terminated. Not every policy or practice of the University is contained in this Handbook or the SPG.

Should any provision of the Staff Handbook or Standard Practice Guide require interpretation, the University, through the issuing unit, will issue the interpretation. No individual can change or make exceptions to the Staff Handbook or Standard Practice Guide. Therefore, no one can rely on an oral statement or direction that is inconsistent with the Staff Handbook or Standard Practice Guide. The University reserves the right to alter, modify or terminate these or any policies at any time without notice.