Recreational Sports (Rec Sports)

The Department of Recreational Sports (Rec Sports) has established a history of success. Over the years, the Department has greatly expanded, and today Rec Sports offers a wide range of activities designed to meet the interests of the University community. Did you know? Each day up to 15,000 individuals take advantage of the diverse offerings of Recreational Sports.

  • The Drop-In Program features a variety of self-directed activities. If you are you’re interested in the usual things like a cardio workout, weightlifting, swimming, or basketball, Rec Sports has the facilities that make it possible. With three campus locations - the Central Campus Recreation Building (CCRB), (763-3084), the Intramural Sports Building (IMSB), (763-3562), the North Campus Recreation Building (NCRB), (763-4560), and convenient hours, you can choose what, where and when. A 24-hour Facility Hot-Line (734-763-0050) provides current information about facilities and schedules.
  • Memberships (763-3084) are available to those with a U-M affiliation (students, faculty, staff, U-M retirees and alumni). U-M students have access to all of the facilities when they pay their student activity fee each semester. U-M faculty/staff can also sponsor non-affiliated adults for membership.
  • MHealthy Personal Training and Fitness Assessments (647-7714) MHealthy provides personal training and fitness assessment services to student, faculty, staff, and community users of the Department of Recreational Sports facilities. MHealthy offers personal training sessions at CCRB, IMSB, and NCRB. Fitness assessment and body composition analysis services are offered at CCRB (Room 1056) only. MHealthy's personal training services are for individuals of any age or fitness level. MHealthy will provide you with an individualized exercise program tailored to meet your goals and your health and fitness needs.
  • The Intramural Sports Program (763-3562) provides a broad spectrum of activity for personal enjoyment, fitness, and competition. Through various team, individual, and dual activities, the program offers every individual and/or group in the campus community an opportunity to participate!
  • The Club Sports Program (763-3562) includes more than 35 club sports ranging from aikido to water polo. Participation may be structured or casual; it may incorporate competition, instruction, and social fellowship, or any combination. Each club is developed, governed, and administered by the student membership of that particular club.
  • The Outdoor Adventures Program (764-3967) caters to all of your adventure needs!  Outdoor Adventures allows you to take advantage of Michigan’s on-campus outfitter by participating in the wide array of programs and events.  Rent outdoor equipment from the Rental Center, get-away for a weekend or Spring Break trip, learn to rock climb at the indoor wall, gain outdoor leadership skills, or become certified in wilderness medicine. Outdoor Adventures hosts the Banff Mountain Film Festivals each spring and fall in Rackham Auditorium. The Outdoor Adventures Center is located on the corner of Hill and Division, and is available to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.
  • The Challenge Program (936-0603) is an activity-based program providing organizations with exciting experiential Teambuilding.  The Challenge Program uses problem-solving initiatives along with a ropes course which includes low elements, a high ropes course and a climbing tower.  Available to student, faculty and staff groups, as well as the general public, the Challenge Program has a beautiful outdoor site about 10 minutes from campus.  Each year the Challenge Program hires and trains 10-12 facilitators, most of who come from the University.

Rec Sports offers everyone the opportunity to increase social contacts, develop and improve lifetime skills, expand and pursue recreational interest and spend leisure time in a fun and healthy way.

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